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Half inch thick chicken wire re-enforced plate glass makes for an exceptionally strong portable receptacle; almost strong enough to stop a speeding bullet, while at the same time allowing for full visualdec1.jpg (23174 bytes) disclosure.

The iron carrying handles help establish the portable aspect. A sheet iron outer cover has 3 hasp and keeper padlock attachments while the heavy iron under-cap has a cylinder lock , a wide slot with jagged teeth and a trigger activated bell mechanism on the underside. [see photo closeups). 

The top and base are wood, the 4 vertical half round corners aredec2.jpg (18452 bytes) brass. Dimensions: 12" sq. x 12" H Now that weve listed the basics for your disemination, hope you can come up with a educated guess. 

But just in case your logic and intuitive senses dec3.jpg (18112 bytes)are stalled in neutral, allow us to jump-start the thought process with some suggested uses: 

  • 1) End-of-day-empty-your-pockets loose change canister

  • 2) Fierce piranha fish tank 

  • 3) Parking meter coin collection container 

  • 4) Mid-century (2050) time capusle 

  • 5) Laboratory mice research cage 

  • 6) Giant 4-sided ant farm enclosure 

  • 7) Early bomb squad safety removal container 

  • 8) Traveling tarantula exhibit case 

  • 9) Jelly bean number guessing contest jar 

  • 10) Early armored car bank delivery coin box 

  • 11) 20th c. hotel guest valuables vault strong box 

  • 12) Selective caviar quality control shipping container 

  • 13) Live butterfly observation cage 

  • 14) Cryogenic organ transplant donor carrier

  • 15) Magicians box for live dove illusion 

  • 16) U.S. Mint cold coin transport container.

Weve presented sixteen duplicitous and somewhat dubious considerations but you know the possibility still exists that a number seventeen is lurking out there somewhere with the correct answer. And its just dying to burst upon the scene. Tune in next month for the outburst.


    Answer to November's Guess What..?



What we featured last month was an actual patent model from the Rothschild-Petersen Patent Model Museum in Cazenovia, New York. It was invented and patented on February 21, 1860 by W.J. Johnson of Newton Corners, Massachusetts and is described as a dish-cloth holder. By pushing the cloth between the spring-like wire prongs and sliding the loose ring down, pressure was maintained keeping a firm non-slip grip to achieve the end result.