Collecting Nippon Porcelain By Joan Van Patten
Nippon collecting brings joy, happiness and excitement to the collector. Nippon is not the name of the manufacturer as many think, but rather the country of origin. It comes from a Chinese phrase meaning "the source of the sun" and is the name the Japanese people called their country.
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Writing a Business Plan
No business, antique or otherwise, is likely to succeed without a business plan. The business plan must be written down on paper in such a manner that it can be changed and adjusted as often as necessary. A business plan is a living thing. It must be designed so that it can grow as the owner gains experience.
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Guess What? Guess What?
The miniature size made it easy to carry on one's person, and one gender was attracted to it more than the other. Leave it to the ingenuity of the times to come up with something this outrageously elegant and proper. To them, it was their pampered approach to daily living, even though its use was seasonal.
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coins Coins as an Investment? An Inheritance? Part II
I have found coins to be both a good investment and effective as a hedge against inflation. Looking at the value of the dollar today, as opposed to its superior purchasing power during the Clinton years, it is rather depressing. Land and solid assets have proved to have been a good bet. Bullion buyers are now reaping great rewards as did the gold bugs and silver traders of 28 years ago.
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