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Peter Raos
Peter Raos, one of New Zealand's leading hot glass artists, has been working with glass since 1979. Stating nature as his primary inspiration, Raos translates imagery from famous paintings into crystal, in much of his recent work. His unique interpretations have been presented to many important dignitaries, including former President Clinton and the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Peter Raos' unique and beautiful designs radiate extraordinary creativity and imagination. In each design, one sees the passion of a man who has devoted his life to glass.

Renoir Vineyard (above)
Vines of juicy zinfandel grapes ripen on a lush pink, violet and maroon ground. Signed and dated. Height 3 1/4".
PT24 - Renoir Vineyard
Price: $360.00 Shipping: 10.00

The Giant Leaf Series
The autumn transformation of leaves is easily one of nature's most spectacular displays. Raos captures the miracle of fall in these brilliant, stylish designs.

Leaf Pond (Below)
from The Giant Leaf Series

A garland of autumn leaves circle over a translucent teal ground.
Signed and dated. Diameter 4 1/8".

PT22 - Leaf Pond
Price: $405.00 Shipping: 10.00


Falling Leaves (Below)
from The Giant Leaf Series

Several falling leaves, with clusters of red berries on dark vines, encircle the sides of this elegant design. Signed and dated. Diameter 3".

PT23 - Falling Leaves
Price: $288.00 Shipping: 10.00

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