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It's delicate diminutive and petite; and that's all without referring to the thesaurus. To complete the description, please see page 347.

Victorian in style and era - it looks like a small clamshell spring clamp attached to a nicely turned ebony handle.

The miniature size made it easy to carry on one's person, and one gender was attracted to it more than the other. Leave it to the ingenuity of the times to come up with something this outrageously elegant and proper. To them, it was their pampered approach to daily living, even though its use was seasonal.

You'll appreciate the uniqueness of this GUESS WHAT, but only if you stick around for next month's answer.

Before we list some possibilities (including the answer) - size reference to improve the guessing game: 7 inch long; clamp head - 1 1/2 inches wide.

An added thought: in that day and age it would be considered an upper class foible. By today's standards - a gadget "as seen on TV."

Is it:
  1. Master teapot tea bag squeezer
  2. Asparagus lifter and server
  3. Opera-goer's handbag paper fan clamp
  4. Cube sugar dispenser
  5. Lady cigar smoker's stogie holder
  6. Plant insect catcher
  7. Philatelist's stamp picker-upper
  8. Elegant mini-marshmallow toasting clamp
  9. Fuzzy sweater lint picker
  10. Delicate one-at-a-time blueberry cereal embellisher.
Till next time!*

Thanx to (Hungarian) George Antiques, Fullerton, CA

Answer to October's Guess What?

Guess What In the beginning, factory production goals were frequently recorded by hand-activated counters such as this unique triple-window box example invented by George Westinghouse in 1872. This one had brass numerals.*

*Available for acquisition.

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