2003 Issue

by Bob Cahn





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            In the three years of this column’s existence, we’ve never been accused of hang-ups – until this month’s GUESS WHAT. What we have is something that thrives primarily as a hang-up, even though it can function just as well standing on its own non-footed bottom. The two views reveal full disclosure – no secrets.

            We respect your visual acumen, so mentioning that it is heavy glass (C.1900) seems a bit redundant. Size to help form a referential perspective; height-8” x diameter-71/2”; hole diameter-3”. Armed with these semi-pertinent facts, can you pick the correct answer, lurking and smirking among the impostors. Is it:

1) Grape dehydrating bell (raisin maker)
2) Weather station rain measuring jar
3) Communal firefly lighting lantern
4) Early chemical-filled “smash-in-case-of-fire” extinguisher
5) Ragweed pollen sampling and gathering device
6) Orchard frost-prevention smudge pot
7) Flying insect trap
8) Hum-ming bird feeding station
9) Plant terrarium
10) Queen bee’s laboratory see-through hive.

            This list of plausibility's was designed to torment you. Let us know if we succeeded.  Till next time!* 

* from the devious collection of Dennis Fuse, Redding, Conn.           


 Guess What?


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Answer to October 2003 'Guess What?'

 Last month’s well-designed and well-thought out GUESS WHAT was a combination brass wallpaper trimmer with a wooden built-in roller handle – as well as featuring a spring-activated safety cover – which allowed the worker to carry it in his overall pocket without fear of shredding or amputation.*

* from the well-designed collection of Mike Goodman, Vermont and Florida          


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