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2002 Issue

Compiled by
Bruce Gventer

What follows is a random assortment of art and antiques related websites that we have visited and enjoyed in the last few weeks. Your discoveries and suggestions are always welcome. Send them to



A page being professionally

Preserve It

        The Northeast Document Conservation Center in Andover, Massachusetts has a great interactive online course you can take to learn about restoring and preserving your collectibles. The best part is that the course is free.

          Also on the site you will find a glossary of terms used in preservation. It always helps to know the terms used by professionals. This knowledge will aid you in understanding what needs to be done and it will also allow you to explain to professionals what you want them to do.

          You will want to read the section on care and handling of items. This is very important so that you do not do more harm to fragile items. Check the further sources section for additional information and other sites you can visit.




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Advertisement for the Three Stooges television show. Autographed by Moe, Larry, Curly.

Need Postcards?

                 Here is a retail postcard site. They have over 10,000 vintage postcards for sale ranging in price from $10 to $10,000. All items are illustrated which is a great help if you want to do some research into either cards you have or cards you are looking to purchase.

          They sell from their website storefront and at different postcard auctions on the Net. At the bottom of their catalogue page they spell out their grading system: I = Nearly perfect; II = Excellent, only light handling or wear; III = Fine, clean, collectible with some edge wear and /or possible minor faults; IV = Card is decent but shows wear and/or faults. Not unattractive; V = Lower grade. The site is sorted by category or you can search for the card you are interested in. You might want to follow their links to the different online postcard auctions to become familiar with the auction system.

          An interesting feature of this site is the postcard artist biography section. You can never know enough about the items you collect. "Knowledge is money".

          You will want to visit their archival storage section for tips on the care and handling of your cards. They also sell archival storage products. In the works for this site is a place for articles on postcards. They ask for your input in submitting articles on vintage postcards.

          Need more? Try the links section to find other postcard and related sites. asks for your assistance in helping the site grow. He would like to add articles and pictures to make this a more comprehensive site for the collector.      



A selection of arrowheads.

Indian Arrowheads and More Artifacts

          Sam and Dolly sell many different types of Indian artifacts, including arrowheads and pottery. Also for sale are coins, beads, books, display frames, fossils, books, rocks, minerals and stones. There are many great photographs on this site for you to view. They specialize in Mound Builder art.

          On the site is the KA-DO-HA INDIAN VILLAGE museum. Entrance to the museum allows you to hunt for arrowheads in the plowed fields, and as they say, "finders keepers" so you get to keep what you find. There is a history of the Mound Builders too. "The KA-DO-HA Indian village is a pre-historic site that was populated by the Mound Builders approximately 1,000 years ago. At KA-DO-HA Indian village you will be able to gaze backward into time and see beautifully molded and decorative pottery, pipes, and expertly chipped flint, all fashioned by hand by these artistic people. You will learn how the mysterious mounds were constructed and you will see the reconstructed mud and straw houses. You will come to understand their customs, their ceremonies, and their way of life.     


A ceramic bowl.

Pre-Columbian and Native American Indian Artifacts

 buys and sells Pre-Columbian and Native American Indian artifacts. Ed and Jeff started collecting artifacts as a hobby, and then decided to buy and sell on the Internet.

          The site's categories include ceramics, jade, gold, necklaces, netsuke, scrimshaw, native American arts, and display cases for sale. Prices seem to range from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars. Items have a brief description, but all are illustrated with photos. A picture is worth a thousand words and you can find some really beautiful artifacts here to study.



Chess on stamps.



          Here is a site I have been visiting for quite awhile. The site is a full-time hobby of its creator, Steve Trussell. He started work on the site in 1996 to help him with his book collecting on the net. Steve says, "Like my other pages, it soon got out of hand." Steve is a professor of English at a small college in Tokyo. He plans to retire and return to Hawaii early next year, where he will devote even more time to maintaining the web pages. Plan to spend some time on this site. It is eclectic and has lots of information and sources for you.

          Here are just some of the topics that Steve covers: Aikido, Alta Vista Search, anti-smoking stamps, Austronesian, banjo, Blade Runner, books & collecting, carvings, chess on stamps, Cooper Union, detectives on stamps, Howard Fast, Lafcadio Hearn, Holmes Philatelic, InterNet Search, Japanese, Kiribati, Maigret, Mel Lyman, Michelin France, Nihongo, Og, Son of Fire, Philatelic Sherlock, Prehistoric Fiction, RLS on stamps, St-Exupery stamps, Scrabble and Ukiyo-e.

          For instance, if you click on the book-collecting link, you can search for odd volumes at set-maker, or you can click on book search and search the web for that book you need. Need to find back issues of magazines? Steve has searches for those too. Want to find out the pseudonyms your favorite author uses? Well, you will find 11,419 entries here. There is a large listing of reference material listed so you can read and learn.

          One of Steve's other interests is stamp collecting and you will find an awful lot of information and pictures of stamps from his collection.

          Want to learn the history of the banjo or Japanese woodblock prints? It is all here. As I say, plan to stay awhile.



Poster from the fair.


Columbian Exposition

          The World's Columbian Exposition, held in Chicago in 1893, was the last of the nineteenth century's World's Fairs. This website project is part of the American studies at the University of Virginia. You will be treated to an in-depth review of the exposition and an exhaustive history of the event.

          Just outside the fair was Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. This, too, is covered on this site. You will also find a page with lots of suggestions for further reading. Take a look and let me know what you think.

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