2004 Issue

by Bob Cahn






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Very rarely do we show you something with a “you get what you see” attitude, but this is one of those infrequent occasions. It does nothing on its own, yet the intriguing design structure provided a valuable daily service in its time, which was around the turn of the 20th century.

            It could still ably perform that same function today, without a scintilla of a tweaking or up-dating. In other words, it just stands there in its rigid austerity, looking aristocratically regal, cool, and proud – knowing you need it more than it needs you.

            Enough romanticizing. Here are some dimensional references to consider: Its pedestal is 15 inches by 19 inches, but it measures 15-1/2inches  by 2-1/2 inches at its midriff.

Some random possibilities:

1) Garbage can lid holder
2) Highway department sewer repair manhole cover on-site rest
3) Hula Hoop garage storage organizer
4) garden hose reel stabilizer
5) Victorian hoopskirt storage frame
6) Country store pickle barrel lid languisher
7) Wheelwright’s finished product display rack
8) Bicycle parking stand
9) Olympic hockey rink ice scraper
10) Septic tank concrete cover stand.

                The above melange of misleading miscellany has the correct answer interwoven among the fabric of fibs. Can you pick it out? Next month we will confirm the answer. ‘Til then! *

            *Thanks to Bev and Bob Armbruster, of Croton Falls, NY.


April 2004
 Guess What?

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Answer to April 2004 'Guess What?'

   It is a multiple blade adjustable pasta cutter.  What more can we say?*

*available for acquisition.

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