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       Petrified pretzels, with snack handles? Not quite. The old mechanic’s apprentice sky hook spoof come to life? Possibly ... but this chain link fence wannabee seems to take on a life of its own by showing up in “question mark” form – the perfect challenge for GUESS WHAT candidacy!

Twist them, contort them, shape them, extend them – it’s your choice, if it’ll help you come up with the answer from among the following:

1) Invalid’s hospital bed self-help arm lift and exerciser;
2) Window fire escape ladder;
3) Power  boat water ski tow chain;
4) Window washers scaffold safety support;
5) Interior tent pole towel bar;
6) Falling-through-the ice rescue chain;
7) Early ski lift T-bar pull;
8) Sewer worker’s manhole tool and bucket retriever;
9) Vintage gymnasts trapeze training rings;
10) Farmer’s anti-suffocation hayloft collapse escapement device;
11) Lion tamer’s snarling cat cage rescue standby.

We forgot to mention the dimensions: full length is 59 inches, with the wood handles – seven inches each. Hope this helps. The correct answer (among the above) to be confirmed next month. Till then!*

*Thanx to dynamic Zan Fleet of Squash-a-Penny Junction Antiques, Doswell, VA.


February 2005
 Guess What?

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Answer to February 2005 'Guess What?'

Never before have we had an answer needing three hands! This is a first. Last month we showed a soft boiled egg opener patented by Hiram Everest of Riverside, CA on May 19, 1896. The gadget was slipped over the egg while a knife was slid between the double layered open ring end, cutting off the top for easy access eating.

The third hand? ... to keep the egg cup upright.*

 *Hand modeling and manicure courtesy of Chuck and Bonnie Badger, Lakeview Terrace, CA – from their collection.

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