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2003 Issue

Compiled by
Bruce Gventer

In this month’s article, I cover transportation collectibles – cars, tractors, bicycles, and motorcycles. I think you will enjoy these sites even if you are not a car buff. Please let me know what you think; I am always interested in your opinions. I can be reached by email at  I hope you learn something and enjoy this month's column, too...

The Model T

 The Model T Club of America states that it is the world's largest Model T Ford club in existence. The club was started in 1965 to bring people interested in the history and evolution of the Model T together. If you are interested in becoming a member, you can fill out the membership form right online. The club states that ownership of a Model T is not required. Dues seem reasonable at $26 for U.S. members. Membership includes privileges for members, their spouses, and their children under the age of eighteen.

            The Model T Club publishes a bimonthly magazine, The Vintage Ford, which has many pictures and diagrams covering the Model T hobby. It chronicles the changes in the car from 1909 to 1927. The magazine is strong on maintenance and repair articles and gives you information on where to find parts, tours, swap meets, and other related events. Members can run classified ads for free. The site also has an events calendar, and in the online club store you will find CDs, books, and manuals on restoring the Model T.

            Be sure to take a peek at the books and literature section, which offers a large variety of booklets and manuals. Here you will find catalogs of the Model T's for the first twenty-four years of the Ford Motor Company. They also have Ford Instruction Manuals for many of the years of the car's production. They even have scanned in the original booklets issued by Ford.

            Do not miss the encyclopedia section on the site; it covers just about everything you will want to know about the Model T Ford. Each car's information is broken down by the year it was made. For instance, did you know that not all Fords of a given year are the same? Modifications made at one factory were not made to cars assembled at other factories.

            There is also a Model T Forum where you can post questions. You do not have to be a member to use the forum, but you do have to sign up for a user name and a password. You will also find members' stories, a photo gallery, listings of parts suppliers, and good links to all sorts of clubs and informational sites.


           This site specializes in antique tractors made before 1975, including John Deere, Farmall, Allis Chalmers, and Ford. Yesterday's Tractors has very good tractor links that will provide you with a lot of resources, and the site has more than 4,500 pictures on it. Yesterday's Tractors sells what appears to be parts for just about everything, so that you can get your tractor back to work. The site says it is striving to make its site a one-stop source for the tractor enthusiast.

            Offered here are classified ads, more than 24 different tractor forums, a show guide, tractor values for more than 1,600 different tractors, and specifications for tuning up your tractor. The owners of this site welcome your feedback and provide a form for your comments and suggestions. On the site they have more than 16,000 different manuals for farm tractors. Also available are numerous books on tractors.

            There is an entire section for researching these old workhorses. Visit the site's safety tips that have a number of cartoons with good tips for your safety when working on or operating tractors. For fun, check the tractors in trouble pages. Here they have photos of tractors stuck in the mud or snow  and tractors that have been burnt, rolled, or wrecked. They would like you to add your photos to their list. There are also many tractor games that you can play and a special section just for children.

            There are even virtual tractor shows; you will need JavaScript enabled on your browser to watch, but it is surely fun. Also on the site is a state-by-state list of museums that have tractors. There is much more on the site, but you will have to explore the rest yourself. Yesterday's Tractors has been on the Internet since 1995. Hope you have fun here.



            This site is for vintage bicycle enthusiasts. With 755 pictures you can view, this site has bicycles and bike parts for sale, literature, discussion groups and a glossary of terms. The site has many databases that you can draw information from including a statistics and a features database that you can use by typing in your question. There is also a picture database that is very useful.

            Need to determine the age or value of you bike? Try using their discussion area, or you can purchase their Vintage Bicycle Price Guide. The guide, which costs $9.95, is a printout of more then 600 bikes. They stress that the prices they give for vintage bicycles are "ballpark” estimates and “subject to a number of factors." The book includes; make, model, year, male/female style, front and rear tire dimensions, brake types, number and type of speeds, and condition and price.

            One of the discussion groups you might want to visit is on restoration tips, and a complimentary page shows step-by-step restoration with text and pictures. There are also links to other vintage bike sites.

            The bicycle quote of the day is by Susan B. Anthony, who said in 1896: "Let me tell you about what I think of bicycling. I think it has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world."



Easy Rider

           The Allen Vintage Motorcycle Museum says it has some of the finest post-war British motorcycles, a selection of famous Harley-Davidson racing bikes, European bikes and even some bikes from Japan. Its collection is ever changing so keep checking back.

            The bikes include racing motorcycles, road bikes, and custom replica motorcycles. Each section has a selection of bikes with pictures that can be enlarged for better viewing and a description of each bike. Many of the racing bikes were owned and ridden by famous drivers.

            On the links page you will find the email addresses of vendors used by the museum. The museum says these businesses offer services of the best quality. Also on the links page is a very long list of other sites, which complement the bikes on this site. Ride on...

   1955 Vincent "D" Black Shadow. "The last of the legendary Black Shadows, the 1955 D series saw Vincent close their doors leaving a legacy of high tech, state-of-the-art, fast and dramatic motorcycles. The Black Shadow, first introduced in 1949, survived through 1955 and along the way broke speed records on several continents. It won an extraordinary following, and many Vincents are still ridden on a daily basis. The Vincent was the first true 100 mph tourer."

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