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2002 Issue

Compiled by
Bruce Gventer

What follows is a random assortment of art and antiques related websites that we have visited and enjoyed in the last few weeks. Your discoveries and suggestions are always welcome.
his month’s Website-ings is all about toys and games. If you have a site you would like to share, or a subject category that you would like me to research, let me know. As always, I am interested in your opinions; you can email me at Hope you enjoy...


100 Years of Toys

      The first site this month deals with tin toys, collectors' toys, vintage games, and character toys made between 1890 and 1990. It is a British site managed by David Kidd. David started the site in January 1997 and the items for sale here come from all different countries

            Since starting the site, David has added "Kidd's Toys, The Next Generation." This section offers toys and merchandise from children's television programs that were popular from the 1950's to the 1980's.

            Kiddstoys offers a secure on-line server, so you can order using their online form. Additionally they offer a free finding service where they will hunt for toys not in their stock. The only caveat is the items must be the type of toys they sell.

            The main links on the page cover toys from around the world, toys at budget prices, games, puzzles, and pastimes.  Some toys available on the site


     If you need a slot machine, then you might want to visit They have a large collection of Mills, Jennings, Bally, Buckley, Watling, Stands and Pace slot machines. Their slots are housed in the Hayes Family Museum located in San Diego, California. All the machines that are for sale have good images for you to view. They also specialize in restoration and repair of antique slots if you have one that does not work.


Start Your Own Gameroom

       Here is your chance to have your own gameroom complete with all the accessories you can imagine. Ken and Jackie Durham operate the Game-RoomAntiques web site. They have been collectors and dealers in gameroom items for 25 years. They publish the "Antique Amusements, Slot Machine & Jukebox Gazette" newspaper. They are an Internet/mail order only business, not a brick and mortar store.

         For sale on the site you will find price guides, repair manuals, 45 and 78rpm records, juke boxes, slot machines, candy refills, pachinko, punchboards, character slots, pinball machines, trade stimulators, gum machines, pachislo slots, vending machines, nickelodeons, neon signs, pool tables, popcorn and soda machines, video games, craps tables, roulette tables, and a whole lot more. They claim more than 100 web pages on the site with new items added every week.

         There are also restoration items for sale on the site. While GameRoomAntiques does not offer a repair and restoration service themselves, they will help you find the advice you need or service to fix your item. They also offer for sale and wanted classified ads; the ads are free to collectors, but dealers are charged a fee. 



110 Years of Toys

  sells antique toys and collectibles from the 1850's-1960's. They have more than 300 toys on-line. They list all of their toys in their "new toy gallery" by manufacturer. Each toy is described by condition and its measurements are given. Each listing includes a full color picture.

            A new service antiquetoys provides is the opportunity to list your toys on the site for free. They state their goal as providing toy buyers and toy sellers the best place on the Internet to enjoy their interest in toy collecting.

   is based in Twin Falls, Idaho. They started in business as a brick and mortar antique toy store. After setting up shop on the Internet, they closed their store and now all of their business is done online. Brent Harelson is the site owner and is himself an avid toy collector.

            A part of the site you might find useful is the section entitled "toy ID aids"; here offered for sale are antique catalog photocopy reprints of many different toy companies. They also offer an appraisal service and claim to have the largest database of toy values in the country.



Toy Banks and Mechanical Toys

       Here is a collector's site dedicated to all types of toys and banks from the 1860 's to 1915. The toys here include cast iron, tin, wood, and paper ones. He asks for you for help in obtaining photographs of children with their toys.

            The online collection does not appear to be for sale, but there are some very nice images for you to view. He does state that he has an inventory of items and that he will broker individual items and collections for a fee. He states that he has helped build many collections.

            Also pictured on the site are American folk art items (including cigar store figures), scrimshaw, antique photos, items related to the U.S.S. Monitor, American clocks pre-1875, and Tiffany studio lamps.

The Last Wound-up

       This sight specializes in wind-up toys but also has other toys, gadgets, and what they consider fun stuff. They have their catalog online for you to peruse and "unwind" as they say. Most of the wind-ups have been discontinued for about 20 or 30 years. Each week they have a different riddle for you to solve.

            Prices for many of the items seem to be very inexpensive. They have animals, characters, a curio shop, their own creations, robots and stuff just for fun. They will make custom wind-ups for you too. This site is based in Israel.

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