August 2005 Issue

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Yep, it's a bird! It's the legendary Super Stork, to be exact! Talk about a specialty item - we've got a doozy this time. This scissor-like figural image of a stork carries a possible clue. It's Victorian background could help if you consider the time warp and 19th century customs.

Right up front, we'll admit it's NOT a baby bottle rubber nipple clog clearer - nor a navel lint lifter. What we can tell you is that the height is 3-1/4 inches and the serrated beak is 1-3/4 inches long.

This month's guessing game does NOT contain the correct answer - you're on your own.

The following spurious suggestions may help narrow things down a bit. Could it be a...

1) Victorian button hole starter
2) Pre Q-tip cotton swab ear wax cleaner
3) Clumsy fingers necklace bead stringer
4) Green olive pimiento stuffer
5) Sterile gauze pad grabber-dabber
6) Head lice hunter and picker
7) Victorian party balloon puncture mischief maker
8) Air mattress needle deflator
9) Strawberry de-stemmer
10) Hot pizza bubbling cheese bubble burster.
You won't want to miss next month's answer, so check your subscription now - to make sure it's current.

Till then!*
*Thanks to Rip and Joanie Waugh,
"Rip's Antiques," Hemet, Calif.
- from their personal collection.

July 2005
 Guess What?

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Answer to July 2005 'Guess What?'

Last month's challenge was an unusual double "egg candler," named "The Grant" after its inventor. It was patented March 11, 1913 in Kokomo, Ind. The candling process involved holding the egg up to a light source (in this case, a kerosene-fueled lamp) to look for blood speck impurities which could be seen in silhouette. This rarer version had twin openings (for two eggs at a time), and a visor hood for more controlled light focus and concentration.*

* From the Eggabilia collection of Dave and Janet Tempest, Scipio, Ind.

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