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Compiled by Bruce Gventer


What follows is a random assortment of art and antiques related websites that we have visited and enjoyed in the last few weeks. Your discoveries and suggestions are always welcome. Send them to


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19th Century Print of a Map & Print Dealer's Shop

Maps and atlases have become very hot collectibles in the past five years, and this site provides a great resource to learn about cartography and maps.

The site has images of maps dating from 6,000 BC to 1870, and it provides very informative text explaining the history behind the maps. This site is a great place to learn about the people who made the maps, too.

The site provides extensive links to other sites that specialize in selling maps, learning about maps, and places to obtain software for map collectors. Not all of the links work, but those that do provide a wealth of information on this topic.

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books everywhere

Search, compare, and save at over forty bookstores, among twenty thousand dealers and millions of books. This site will tell you what is available on the web. What is more you can choose which sites to search, and how to display your results.

It is easy to use and returns your results fast. You can sort results by title, price, author, dealer, or searched site. You can choose the currency to display or whether you are looking for hardcover or paperback. It even lets you add key search terms to limit the responses.

Use this site to see what is available, and how others have priced the book. Type in the book you are interested in finding. If 250 titles are found, you know the book is common. If fewer than 25 titles are returned, the book is harder to find. Caveat, just because a book is listed does not mean it is still available. It is up to the individual dealers to remove sold merchandise. The site also lets you search for new books and music.

A collectible tea pot

This is an interesting site with lots of informative articles on many different types of collectibles. The subjects include price guides, where to buy and sell, clubs, and other resources. Included are various collectible categories from advertising to toys and dolls.

The site is easy to navigate, and the articles provide a lot of information for the collector. For example the page about Barbie dolls is broken into sections providing pictures, articles, clubs, price guides, and links to other Barbie sites.

Many of the sites pay to be listed here, but it is made clear that these are "sponsored" links. The site has those annoying pop up windows, but you can just close them. Lots of information can be found here.

19th century wooden matron tends her well equipped stove

Speaking of dolls, The Rosalie Whyel Museum of Doll Art has one of the world's foremost doll collections. Here, dolls are displayed in a setting designed to showcase the art of the doll. They have over 1200 dolls on permanent display and more than 3,000 dolls in the Museum and the Museum Shop. They also have a changing gallery exhibit.

Now you can visit online and view a marvelous collection complete with pictures. The Museum itself is in Bellevue, Washington, near Seattle, but you don't have to leave the house.

The site also provides a listing of doll shows and upcoming events at the Museum as well as an informative newsletter and chat area.

If you are in the area you can actually rent space in the Museum for your own event, such as a child's tea or birthday party, a wedding, reception, or shower.