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Care to Guess.?





When an item has a key or a cylinder lock like this month’s “Guess What,” it should send a message that includes the words “restricting,” “restraining,” “preventing,” “securing,” “deterring,” “detaining.” Having said that, all that remains is to fill you in on the dimensions as well as some leading and misleading possibilities. Closed, it measures 10 3/4 x 5 1/2” and has a patent date of August 25, 1914 - Los Angeles, CA.

Let the pondering proceed! Is it:

1) Wedding band for Paul Bunyan
2) Fire hydrant vandalism guard
3) Chastity ring for a horny bull elephant
4) Broken limb splint holder
5) Primitive ox cart whip lash neck brace
6) 3-legged race anti-cheating device
7) African cultural tribal body enhancement neck ring
8) Baby stroller hijacker protection
9) Straying husband prevention
10) Mastiff dog collar
11) Ice traction horse shoe fastener
12) Aborigine ear lobe adornment
13) Fence post swinging gate lock
14) Golf cart theft deterrent
15) Police station arsenal shotgun rack weapons guard
16) Slave Shackle
17) Ubangi lip enlarger
18) Laundromat clothes basket lock
19) Broken car trunk lock hatch hold-down
20) Double wrist manacle
21) Motorcycle or bicycle guard
22) Baseball dugout bat rack security.

We have NOT included the answer -- saving that for next mouth. An important clue to point you in the right direction is to focus on the point--pivotal to the solution.!*

*Thanks to column supporter Mike Goodman for this contribution.


    Answer to July 2001 Issue Guess What..?

Master teapot steeper or brewer - that says it all. This piece dates back to C. 1855 BTB -- before teabags. When brewing a master pot of tea, one would use a so-called metal teabag (with its microscopic machine punched holes) to keep the floating tea leaves from seeping into the cup when pouring.*

*From the 50TH wedding anniversary collection of dealers/collectors Ernie and Edna Jones - Mohegan Lake, NY.